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Hey, fellow Shy Children!
I cant believe we are already in August and the year is more than half way over with... its crazy! But i do have another Daily Goodie Box unboxing and review for you today. This is the August 2018 box and i was quite happy with everything there was to test out. We did have one repeat product and that was the Napz all natural short-term sleep aid. But other than that everything else was new and brands i haven't even heard of before. That being said lets get into the review but first i do have one question, Has any one of you signed up for Daily Goodie Box? and if so, have you been picked to get a box? Please do let me know in the comments section or on Social Media.

PS: If your new and still don't know, Daily Goodie Box is a "FREE" sampling service that ships out more than just free samples because you can actually receive full sized products. All they ask in return is that you sample the products and then go online to their site and leave an honest review of what you think... that's it, it's that simple!
To sign up, just head over to their site dailygoodiebox.com hit the sign up button, fill out your profile and about you page and wait to qualify. Remember everything is FREE!

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This energy drink taste so good! I had the Mojito and it tasted fruity with an after taste of mint. I compactly loved it! At first i was skeptical because Mike Tyson picture was on the side and i thought it was just a marketing get people to buy type of thing but i was wrong. I think everyone should give it a try.

I received this gum in mint flavor, tried it and it tasted pretty good. That's all i can really tell you because I'm not a fan of gum. But it says its sugar free and it really didn't taste sugar free. So that could be a win for a lot of you.

I received these before in a past Daily Goodie Box. They only difference from that review and this one is, they don't expire soon.

I didn't test this product out because im not drinking anytime soon.

I received a beautiful blue color with the name Half Apology. It went on smoothly and only one coat was needed and iv been wearing it for 4 days ad it hasn't chipped yet. I'm really surprised and in shock with everything about this nail polish, makes me want to only buy water based varnishes. And you would too, since this polish has no harsh smells.

I let my boyfriend test these two products out because hes been wanting to test this brand out anyways. He likes it and is talking about getting full size products, so that's a good thing.

i don't know how i feel about this protein bar. I do know that it reminded me of a rice crispy treat but was dryer and not that sweet at all. I'm not saying it was nasty by any means it was just something i have to get used too. Maybe having a different flavor would taste better to me.

This tea is so good! I had no clue what Rhubarb was but i new what ginger taste like and i was hoping that this tea didn't taste like ginger tea..it didn't. It had a nice apple taste with some ginger flavor and it actually quite delightful. I would love to have this again.

These bars were perfect! When i got them i placed them right in my diaper bag and it was great to have as a snack or anytime i was out and hungry. It was also great for those time i wanted something sweet and these helped me stay away from sugar candy and snacks. I love them so much iv even looked up what other flavors they have.

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