Simply Vera Denim

Shorts: Simply Vera VeraWang  | Top: Tek Gear | Sandals: Torrid | Sunglasses: Aviators (similar) | Lipstick: Geard Cosmetics "Buttercup"  |

Summers where i live, its all about the shorts! So when it comes to me picking a pair, it has to be perfect. By perfect i mean light weight, stretchy and looks great on or with anything. I was lucky enough this summer to be introduced to Kohl's. Its a store that i see all the time on tv and i new about it but i never wanted to shop their. My mom was actually the one to take me and the trip wasn't for me, it was for Nuri. So she could get a few more pieces of clothing that fits her baby size now. At the time of me going, Kohls was having their Kohls Cash and that's what got me to look around.

I found these Simply Vera VeraWang Denim shorts and i had to have them. They looked perfect and they where soft and stretchy, like i like. A bonus was that they where half off too. 
Now wearing them everyday... not joking! I wish i would have got a second pair or third.

PS: Thank You Kohls and VeraWang for having these in my Plus Size size.

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