Mother Daughter Photos

UntitledGlasses: | Diaper Bag: Dokoclub | Leggings: Old Navy
Baby Outfit: Carters (sold out)

When it comes to photos, its crazy how all our intimate, cherished and plain out crazy photos are all online, in our camera rolls or on Social Media now a days. It has came to a point where i have nothing printed and that's really sad to say. I told myself when i was pregnant that i would capture every moment in photo like my mom did for me and my sisters. And when it comes down to it, i did pretty well (with a little bit of lack on the mother daughter photo side).
Basically to make a long winded story short. Nuri and I took some mother daughter photos because one day i was scrolling through my camera roll to gather all the pictures i wanted printed and i noticed i took so many milestone photos of her but there was really none of use together. It made me r sad and i know looking back shes going to want to see what she looked like as a baby but shes also going to want to see what i looked like in that time. 
I'm just happy i took a step back and caught this before she got any older because the baby is already 5 months (time really flies).

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