Weight Update: Have I Reached My Goal!?


The question everyone is wondering is, "Have i reached my weight loss goal?" And the answer is... No!
The last time i checked in with you about my weight loss was back in June, when i posted Back To Weight Loss and Motivation. In that post i told you basically that i lost a crazy total of 53lbs and that i still needed to loose a lot more and tone up. 
Now its months later and i have lost more weight...24lbs since then, yay me! Making it a grand total of 77lbs loss in all.
Just a few years back if you would have told me i would be at my happy weight again, the weight that i felt like i looked really good at. I would have been very grateful and okay with everything. But now that im at that weight and i don't look anything like i did years ago at 21, im kinda disappointed.
I use an app called Happy Scale (not sponsored! I wish because they have really helped me) and my goal on there is 200lbs. I'm basically there, with 21lbs to go. The only thing is, i think i have plateaued. Its like i cant get lower than 220. So im going to have to change it up in some way but i will figure it out. And i know you all are always there to give me advice.
Last but really not least, I have been featured on Simply Be blog for "Plus Size Bloggers To Watch Out For". I'm really in shock still because i just want to make other people happy in the way of showing you, all you have to do is be yourself. So please go over and check it out

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