FashionShyChild : November 2018

November 15, 2018

Cold Shoulder

Finally with the weather cooling down (like it should be for fall/winter time) i can finally wear warmer clothes and my favorite BearPaw Boots. Even though this day i basically didn't care how cold it was because i was going to wear this shirt i found thrifting.

November 13, 2018

LBK Nail Lacquer Review

{L-R: Danyelle's Desire, Strong Hildy, Mischievous Margo,Beaming Brityn}

Hey, fellow Shy Children!
In today's post i will be reviewing LBK Nail Lacquer. Before testing these nail polishes out, i do have to say that i never heard of the brand before or seen any reviews on them. So i am going in with a fresh non bias mind.
When it comes to nail polish and my background, im fully obsessed or you can say I'm a hoarder. I love to have different colors and finishes but im very picky on the brands i use and their brushes. For me a brush that's not in my standards can really break the company for me.