Cold Shoulder

Finally with the weather cooling down (like it should be for fall/winter time) i can finally wear warmer clothes and my favorite BearPaw Boots. Even though this day i basically didn't care how cold it was because i was going to wear this shirt i found thrifting.
To be honest, i found quite a bit of things thrifting; especially in the jean department. When i say after i gave birth i didn't have ANY jeans that fit, it was no joke. With all the weight i lost everything i own is basically too big. So the re-up is real right now!

Other than that, have you been thinking about the Holidays? I have! I already have a mini list going on what i want to get Nuri and the crazy part is LeapFrog Products are taking over the list right now and i don't mind that. Also this is going to be Nuri's first Christmas and im really excited... don't worry i will share pictures.

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