LBK Nail Lacquer Review

{L-R: Danyelle's Desire, Strong Hildy, Mischievous Margo,Beaming Brityn}

Hey, fellow Shy Children!
In today's post i will be reviewing LBK Nail Lacquer. Before testing these nail polishes out, i do have to say that i never heard of the brand before or seen any reviews on them. So i am going in with a fresh non bias mind.
When it comes to nail polish and my background, im fully obsessed or you can say I'm a hoarder. I love to have different colors and finishes but im very picky on the brands i use and their brushes. For me a brush that's not in my standards can really break the company for me. When it comes to what i paint, i rarely paint my real finger nails but i will paint acrylics. The thing that i always paint are my toe nails and lasting ability is really key for that.

So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons & My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

Packaging: The packaging, logo and display is absolutely beautiful! All i can think about is how this would make a perfect gift for a lot of different occasions. But there is one thing that puts the icing on it all and that's the color sample that's attached to the nail polish... genius!

Product Review: Like i said in my into, i didn't know what to expect when it came to this brand of nail polish. But with a retail price of $9.50usd im expecting something high end. To my experiences, LBK gave me that! With one coat, i got the color it showed i was going to get. With two coats your done and it looks amazing but don't put more than that. 
It was really easy to pick what color i wanted to wear that week due to its innovative cap nail tester.
When it comes to the brush, its what i would consider to  be professional. Someone thats good/great at applying nail polish would love it. But for me i have short nails and this type of brush isn't great for me and my skills. I would personally prefer something shorter and a tad bit stiffer (but thats just me being picky). There have been no hair fall out, so thats a big plus.
Another thing i look for is lasting ability. A lot of the times a nail polish can be high end and not last for anything. I did not experiences that with these! I'm still shook because they last on the nail so long and they don't fade. I did use a top coat but it was nothing fancy just drug store.
When it comes to smell, if you don't like that nail polish smell its there. Its nothing that bugs me. 

Pros- long lasting, innovative cap nail tester, great color payoff, vegan friendly & 100% curtly free

Cons- cant find any

My Final Thoughts: I can only say positive things about LBK Nail Lacquer. If you want a polish thats really getting your moneys worth, this is it! They have any and every color you can imagine and with the holidays right here, these will make great gifts or stocking suffer. I know they have a Holiday Collection out right now so make sure you check that at and all the other colors they have.

PS: My favorite out of the 4 i have is Mischievous Margo (a very beautiful nude that works great with my skin tone) and Beaming Brityn (A great holograph that will turn heads and have people asking)

FTC: These nail polishes was sent to me from the company for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and honesty is key.

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