Daily Goodie Box: January 2019 Products & Review

Hey, fellow Shy Children!

New Year, New Daily Goodie Box. In today's post i will be sharing what i received in January's Daily Goodie Box and reviewing the products for you. This months box was okay. I did like how there was new products that i haven't seen or tested out before but it wasn't giving me theme. (or maybe I'm the only one who thinks these boxes have a secret them and really they dont... i don't know)
Anyways one of the places i follow the company is on Instagram and they showed some tea that i was really excited to try and luckily i was excepted for this box and got to try it. So lets get into the products and review.

PS: If your new and still don't know, Daily Goodie Box is a "FREE" sampling service that ships out more than just free samples because you can actually receive full sized products. All they ask in return is that you sample the products and then go online to their site and leave an honest review of what you think... that's it, it's that simple!
To sign up, just head over to their site dailygoodiebox.com hit the sign up button, fill out your profile and about you page and wait to qualify. Remember everything is FREE!

Products & Review

Has an amazing flavor! When i seen this i thought it was going to be a light tasting water or have a vitamin taste but nope it tasted like juice to me...in a way. i would really give up juice and sodas for this water if i could. Its differently a must buy and try...especially if you have a kid and need hydration/energy. because this really helped me with that.

THIS BAR WAS AMAZING! I loved everything about it and my family enjoyed sharing it with me, even my 9 month old baby girl. i could really see myself buying these for her when she gets older. But for myself i would really like ti test out the other flavors. Also very cute packaging!

I have to say these where just, okay. They wasn't the worst tasting thing but also wasn't the best. They had a nice pizza aroma and a okay pizza taste but why was they so hard? If the texture wasn't so tough i would have probably liked them better.

This stuff really works! I have bad ankles, so at night most of the time i go through ankle/foot pain that's excruciating and making it to the point that im unable to walk. So when testing this out i didn't mine because its better than all the pills i pop to stop pain and this is just a spray. right on contacted the pain was less. It also had an amazing smell like spearmint.
This product really interested me and that being said i still haven't tried it. But its actually for good reason because i wasn't to do a before and after and see how white my teeth can get.
This tea is better than i thought it was going to be. I liked how i could "taste the bad", meaning the darkness like if you where to leave a tea bag in tea too long.n The only thing is, i don't see myself using this everyday i would more see myself using it as an on the go pack. For me keeping one in my diaper bag really helped.
I'm really disappointed! Overall packaging is nice and product packaging is something that i really loved but the product for one wasn't for me. It taste bad, i didn't get the moisture i needed and i feel like its really for what it states... blisters or lip medication. I don't have any lip problem and

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