My Skin Care Routine: Using Lexli 30-Day Starter Kit

Lexli sent over this 30-Day Starter Kit for testing and review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are still 100% my own.

When it came to my winter skin care for the past couple of months, Lexli 30 day starter kit was the only thing i was religiously using. I was going through a time of uncertainty and to fully understand my situation we have to back track. 

After i gave birth to my Daughter, i fully noticed that my skin changed and basically did a whole 360. I always talked about having Oily Combination skin (more on the oily side) and i found ways to work with that. But now all of a sudden, i have dry, dull looking skin that is now acne prone. I freaked out due to not knowing how to hydrate my skin and keep the moisture in and it felt like every product i was using was just not working for the acne side of things. Then one day i was contacted by lexli asking if i wanted to test out there skin care. I personally thought it was a wish answered because i was willing to test out anything at this point.
All of that being said, here we are today. I know your wondering how am i talking about this now and it was only a 30-day kit. Well there is a bonus side to this kit. Iv noticed that a little bit of product goes a very long way and for my usage it lasted longer then it should have. But i will elaborate more on that in the review.

In this review, I will cover these Points: Product reviews (with Pros & Cons), and My Final Thoughts. So lets get started. :)

Cleansing Lotion: This is one of the products in the kit that you are differently going to use the most. But for me two pumps is all you need for the morning and night when it comes to cleaning your face. It has a nice lather thats not over powering but once you work it in and clean it off your skin will feel Amazing... and all you did was cleanse it! I would actually love to have this product on its own as my forever cleanser.

Pros- Light weight, cleans, moisturizing, no residue feeling, little goes a long way

AloeGlyc Renewing Exfoliant- I really didn't like this product at first. It would burn every time i applied it at night and i remember my first time using it, i was over and done with it. It did make my skin feel and look soft, hydrated and fresh but getting over that burning will take time. I was told to only use it at night tell my skin got used to it and then add mornings and that's what i did. Its still not a big favorite of mine and we really have a hate love relationship. But it dosnt burn anymore when i use it so thats a plus.

Pros- soft skin and looks fresh

Cons- burns, will take time to get used too

Tone and Balance: this toner comes in s spray bottle and i dont think i ever used a toner like that. That being said i would spray this on my face and lightly pat it in and that worked for me. There isn't much to really say about this product because it did what it was supposed to do. Didnt burn or anything and felt refreshing.

Pros- refreshing

Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 (for normal to dry skin): When it comes to the moisturizers they are my favorite. A little goes a long way, its hydrating, light weight and the SPF doesn't give me that ashy/white cast look. When you get to this step your skin will look so good you don't even need to apply makeup. I love the fresh hydrated look everything gave me and anything beats looking dull and dry.

Pros- Favorite product, hydrating, no white cast/ashy look, moisturizing

Night Moisturizer: A lot of companies love to make night moisturizers heavy and that can just be too much for me (especially when its hot). This one is creamy, goes on light weight but gives you all the hydration you need with just a little bit. When i wake up in the morning, my skin looks just as nice as when i went to sleep and not greasy. Would be a great summer moisturizer too.

Pros- Moisturizing, light weight, non greasy, little goes a long way

Acne Clarifying Lotion: This wasn't a part of the kit but overall its a great acne spot treatment. I noticed that once i applied it to a breakout (usually at night) the next morning the spot was gone or had gone down in size and wasn't hurting. There is a lot of product for something that only needs to be spot placed. So i still have a full bottle and still using it with any breakouts i get.

My Final Thoughts: I really love what this 30-day kit has done to my skin and how it has improved cretin parts of my face. I also still really love, that with a 30 day kit i got about 3 months of usage out of it. Like i said in the reviews, there is still certain products that i just loved the most and those are the cleansing lotion and the day and night moisturizer. I would definitely recommend those three if thats the only products your interested in trying. But overall this kit was amazing and I'm happy with how my skin looks and feels now.

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