Nuri's OOTD: Laid Back Gold Jordan

Onesie: Jordan | Pants: Carters | Jacket: Sprockets | Hat: Old Navy | Shoes: Garanimals

On March 4th (which was yesterday, if your reading this today) little miss Nuri turned 11 Months. I cant believe i almost have a one year old or a Toddler at that. She has grown and leaned so much and I'm so proud of her.
 That being said, i have been going back and forth with if i wanted to post her outfits. Its not like i don't want to show her because you can actually follow her on Instagram @Nuri_zsazsa if you want to see what shes doing and wearing. Its just that, pieces from her outfits come from EVERYWHERE (baby stores, second hand and vintage) So having links to stuff is very hard if you want it. But i guess for the actual inspiration you don't mind. Because basically this is a little me!

Fun Facts:
-Can Walk
-Can talk beginner English
-Nos how to put and thrown things away
-can use a spoon
-has 4 1/2 teeth (the other half is coming in)

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