Embroidered Kimono

Kimono: Amazon | Cami: Charlotte Russe | Shorts: SimplyVera | Shoes: Nike | Glasses: Firmoo

Spring/Summer is here and its in full effect! The sun is out and the heat is scorching... maybe I'm being a tiny bit dramatic because we all know this is just the beginning.  But for someone like me with Eczema, I'm going through it. The flair ups have been extreme and and my melanin hasn't been helping me with sun protection at all ( i have a huge sunburn on my neck and chest).

Anyways the positive out of all of this is the Kimono i am wearing. Its really light weight, breathable and pretty that i just want all the colors they come in. I never thought i would be a kimono wearing person but i really am and i think it will become a staple for this summer. I really wished i had one when i was pregnant, would have been way better wearing this instead of a sweater or jacket.

PS: Since Kimonos might be my staple this summer, what do you think yours will be? 

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