I'v Joined The BookTube Community

The time has came and now is the time! I'v joined the Booktube Community on YouTube.
I was sharing book reviews on FashionShyChild with the hashtag ReadingWithCort. I loved sharing my reviews as much as i love reading the books. The only thing that i feel was keeping me from making content and providing reviews on time was my procrastination and not having that reliability, that i feel making videos for Youtube puts on you. 

I have made two videos already and i am so very happy with my decision. This doesn't mean that i will stop sharing book reviews on here, it only mean i will be sharing more about the books i read on that YouTube channel. As I'm writing this, we are 9 subscribers strong and i cant wait to have to grow because i really do enjoy taking to you all and writing back to comments. 

That is really all i wanted to update you on for now. And it would mean the world to me if you would watch the videos and if you like you can click the subscribe button.

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