Daily Goodie Box: July 2019 Products & Review

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Products & Review

Tipson - Organic Tea
I love tea! The flavore i recived was Moringa & Green Tea and boy is it good. Iv been loving having this at night time as im relaxing and winding down for the night. Its also a great flavor for the morning but in my morning i need heavy caffeine. So i also liked it mid day.

Que Bella - Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask
These is a lot i have to say about this mask. I will say i have a lot of pros over cons because its a really good mask and i did really enjoy it. But my one con is, why is it in a foil packet? It was so messy to get out this way and i just wanted a mask like this in a tub or a jar. I feel like the quality is way to good to be in that type of packaging. 

Napz - All-Natural Sleep Solution
I'v tried these before in the past and it does help with relaxing you to sleep. I will use it again when i feel like i dont need to wake up in the middle of the night.

Essential Oxygen - Organic Brushing Rinse
I love the way this product freshens your breath before brushing. It helps the after brushing feeling last a little longer. It would be cool though if this turn your month a color so you know where to really brush and pay attention too. Or maybe im just a big kid.

Ode To Clean - All-Purpose Wipes
If you know me all purpose cleaners is what i go for. If it cant clean everything i dont want it. Mainly because all day im wiping up and cleaning something and i need a product thats going to get everything done... life saver!

Spudsy - Sweet Potato Puffs
My daughter loved these! They reminded me of the puffs in the baby isle but they taste way better then those and probably way healthier. Would love to test other flavors. 

CURAD - Quick Stop Bandages
I always have to have bandages on hand. And you would think its because i have a toddler but nope they are for me because im always having something happen. These are actually really comfortable. When it comes to the bleeding im not sure yet because i haven't had that bad of a problem yet to really see.

Bakery On Main - Cranberry Almond Maple Granola
This was really good granola and i likes eating it as a snack by itself.

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