2020 Goals and Resolutions

Happy 2020 New Year! With the start to this new decade, I can only think about my hopes, dreams and goals for what the future will bring. There is also a lot of self reflection on this past year and how things just didn’t go how I wanted them too. One of the biggest things that has been bugging me and making me feel like a total failure is not writing or staying consistent with my blog. Fashion Shy Child really does mean a lot to me and having this space to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions really does help me a lot and I hope it does the same for you.

This year I decided to call this post goals & resolutions. Because I’ve noticed in the past I would come up with vague resolutions and not have a plan in site on how I was going to achieve them. Note this year boo! I want to come up with a plan for everything, and we can ride this journey together. So let’s get into what my resolutions and goals are for 2020

1. Have a healthier diet 
-track my steps, weight and measurements
-have an exercise routine 
-get to a healthy weight 

2. Read at least 50 books
-continue making booktube videos (but consistently)
-track my reading
-continue utilizing the library 
-get through the Bible 

3. Learn a new language 
-most likely going to be Spanish or Korean (been studying the two on and off for a while now)

4. Have a more positive outlook
-think positive thoughts
-figure out a way to help my anxiety and there attacks

5. Plan alone time
-self care a couple times a week
-put myself first

This is a quick rundown and like everything things can be improved to work better for the long run. But having a thought and some ideas to achieve the bigger picture is a good start for the new year. At the end of the day, being happy and doing/being the best you are all that really matters. So let’s not put yourself down the first week/month, every thing is a work in progress.

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