January 2020 TBR (December 2019 TBR fail)

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At the end of November leading into December I was very happy with the books I picked to read, to end of the year. My main goal in mind was to clear my TBR list and be able to have a fresh start in the New Year. Mainly because I get tired of looking at the same old books that I know nothing about because I haven’t read them and also I like to clear out the books that I know I won’t be reading again or didn’t give it a good rating too for space purposes and just because I didn’t enjoy it maybe someone else will.

Well, that didn’t happen and my December 2019 TBR was a huge fail. I could say I went through a reading slump but that wasn’t really it. I was very motivated to read, just emotionally I wasn’t there or present. With the lost of my grandmother at the very beginning of the month, it was just down hill from there. Would pick up a book tell myself I can do and after a paragraph it would be put down.... Same goes for audio books. I told myself I would just start fresh in the new year and make my December 2019 TBR my January 2020 TBR and that’s what I’m doing.

Here is the list of books I’m hoping to get through this month: 

Star Wars Rebel Force: Target by Alex Wheeler
Taking Aim: Power and Pain, Teen and Guns by Michael Cart
When You Leave by Monica Ropal
I'm Telling The Truth But I'm Lying by Bassey Ikpi
Gemsigns by Stephanie Saulter
The Killing Room by Jeffery Deaver
Rise Of Fire by Sophie Jordan
The Race Underground By Doug Most
World War Z by Max Brooks
Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I did film a video for my December 2019 TBR if you would be more interested in just watching it.

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