Joah Beauty Blur Activator Mineral Primer Review

I did receive this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

When it comes to face primers right now, I need them more than ever. I have been testing out a couple from different price points an loving them for their own unique ways. My face routine has changed and I need to do an update post to fill you in about that but long store short, I haven’t been wearing foundation. Ever since I had my daughter my skin has changed so much and has done a full 180. So right now I’m really focusing on the natural or less is more aspect of makeup. That is where a face primer comes in.
Today I will be reviewing Joah Beauty blur activating mineral primer that I received
complimentary from . In this post we will be going over packaging, review with pros and cons and my final thoughts. So let’s get started

Packaging: When it comes to packing this bottle is really pretty. (Especially for a drugstore product and price point) Its light weight and would be okay to travel with, if you don’t mind the bottle being glass. But for you mini fridge users that put your skin care in them, this might be right up your alley just for that factor. The product dos have a pump and a cap and I haven’t noticed and spilling or leak.

Review: This primer is very lightweight and breathable. I don’t even notice that it’s even on when wearing it. So I like to start with a clean face, add my moisturizer and then I will go in with a beauty sponge and add this primer. It would great applying it that way and the product just glides on. I would recommend starting out light in amount and building up because the product will thin its self out and go a long way. Another thing to keep in mind, it’s only meant to Blur imperfections. So don’t go in thinking this is a miracle in a bottle and going to cover up imperfections like a concealer or foundation. That’s not what it’s suppose to do. For myself I have large pores around my nose area and I like how this product fills them in. I also like how this primer doesn’t make me look oily. I do only apply a light powder over it and I haven’t tested it with a foundation so I can’t speak for that. But I am highly impress with this product being drugstore but giving results like you spent a lot more.

Pros- price, quality, light weight, blurs, gives face a glow

Cons- none

My final thoughts: I’m so impressed with the overall quality of this primer. It’s just an added bonus that it’s Available at a drugstore price for something that works so well. For me is a makeup bag must! But if anything happens and your in a rush all you have to do is apply this and you will look/feel confident knowing at at least something is blurred.



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