New Year, New Me... Kinda!

I'm in the New Year, New Me mindset. That you probably have already noticed from reading my 2020 Goals and Resolutions post. There is a lot of things i want to work on and do better at. but i know it will take time, planning and overall effort on my behalf. I'm off to a good start, in the right direction by at least getting a post up today... Yay Me! I have taking some time to come up with ideas and plan a few thing out. That being said this week will be packed with information that goes along the lines of my goals an resolutions. But if there is anything else you would like me to talk about or cover let me know. 
Lets talk about this outfit...
It has been feeling so weird getting dressed after this holiday vacation. let alone doing my hair i look like a whole new person and yes i did cut it. Its way easier to manage now and I'm so happy to have cut away the dead ends and color. Little changed like that make me happy and make me feel like getting more done. The other newest part is my shoes. This style is something different and not what i would normal gravitate too. (let me tell ya, when i was in the store i seen so many cute shoes i really wanted and they all had my size. If you have big feet like me this is a dream come true) But i needed nice shoes for my grandmas funeral and this was the only appropriate looking pair. In the end it all works out because i love them and there supper comfortable. I should have mentioned before hand that they are from Walmart.

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