Feeling Put Together: Mom Style

 Being a mom, its so easy to get caught up in that lazy style. You wake up in the morning, get dressed and you find yourself throwing on a shirt and whatever pants you can fine. Then you just call it a day because your hair is already up in that messy bun you went to sleep in. #momlife But it doesn't have to be this way. I know from experience if you don't change this, you will just keep putting it off.  It was at a point that i became that style/look. It changed my whole attitude and mindset. I didn't want to do anything fun and to be honest i wasn't dressed to do really anything presentable. but that all changed when i stared doing one simple thing.

I started picking out my outfit at night... mind blowing right!

Its crazy because going through school i would always do this. Its also one of the reasons you always see me in dark neutrals... it makes life easier sticking to a color scheme. And for an over thinker like myself, i need to use all the hacks i know. Because feeling your best and put together will make mom life that much smoother. So remember your a mom and you still have style.

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