Oh No! What Now?

With everything that is going on in the world right now with COVID-19, the most important thing  is to stay healthy and also remember the people that are around you. Its so sad to go out to the grocery stores and see so many items bought up and out of stock. Especially, basics that everyone needs to survive. If you feel the need to buy more than what you need at that time, please share with your elderly/less fortunate neighbor. They probably didn't get a chance to go to the store or wasn't able to find the things they need.

Another thing to remember and not be rebellious about is Social Distance. Its said to do so and put into effect so the virus doesn't spread (or help it not spread so fast). Its going to be hard i know and right now your probably thinking this is the worst thing ever... but its not, trust me it can get worst (aka corintein and being made to stay in the house). This is the time you need to find activities to do inside and be creative. I know for my family, my daughter loves to go outside and going to the park and the library throughout the week. Its something that we always do. But now that has changed! It has been a bit of an easy transition since it has been raining and that eliminates the park altogether. When it comes to the Library, Nuri has so many book already here at the house. So we just have reading time and learning time during those hours. I will share what we do in a day when we get this schedule down. Hopefully sooner than later.

Last but not least, if your wondering if i have stocked up on anything the answer is NO. I'm living day by day, i have the things i need for right now and that's it. The only extra thing i have is an extra box of diapers because people think its okay to buy up all the baby items and the last time i was at Costco there was no boxes. but i will keep you updated with ideas and things that we are doing. A little inspiration i think can go a long way.

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