Planning Nuri's 2nd Birthday

I'm still in shock that my baby Nuri is going to be 2 years old in a month. It feels just like yesterday she was born, starting to eat real food and learning to walk. So when they say time flies by fast, it really does. That being said  for her first birthday i went with a Peppa Pig theme because my daughter is obsessed and she still really is. I wouldn't say it was the easiest theme to go with because last year for some reason it was hard to find Peppa Pig themed items. But this Peppa Pig themed cupcake maker was amazing and a big hit.

Speaking of "big hit" the whole party was and the people that showed up still talk about it and are wondering what i am doing this year. I find it flattering that they enjoyed the time, since it was a budget friendly birthday and Nuri was only turning one. But that makes this year of Nuri turning two more presser on me. In my head i keep wondering a lot of things but the biggest part is, how am i going to top last years party. I feel like a lot of parents go through this and as the child gets older you keep wanting to do better and more. Or maybe that's why i see some parents doing small family parties for when there kids are this young.

Im putting a lot of pressure on myself but here is my breakdown so i can figure this out.

The three most important parts i know to throwing any party/get together is
1. The Theme
2. Who's coming/how many people
3. Budget

I can tell you right now out of the top three important things to breaking this down all i know is who's coming and even on that i only have a prediction. I have been asking Nuri what kind of party she wants when it comes to theme selection and the only ones we know are Blues Clues, Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig again but doing it 2.0 style. On my part i will look online and see what character  already has more theme stuff and go from there. Because or Nuri's first birthday the theme was going to be Bubble Guppies due to the fact that was the first show she ever loved as a baby. But last year (unlike now) Bubble Guppies wasn't anywhere to be found.

When i do figure out the character/theme Pinterest is a great site to look on when you need ideas and inspiration. So i would make a board on there (sorry its usually on private). Also i check out Dollar Tree (i love that store so much) because they really do have a great selection on party stuff and it also helps with the budget. If i can get something for $1 and don't have to pay more im all for it!

Last but not least, once i have the party part figured out and organized them i will see who can come and how many kids. The last thing you need is thinking 10 kids are coming and 12 show up and you don't have enough goodie bags. That is one of my biggest worries/fears. But other than that Nuri's  birthday is April 4th, it falls on a Saturday (im happy about that) and i have a little less than a month to get my stuff together. Lets see how this goes!

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