"Spring Forward", They Say

Blouse: Avenue | Jeans: APT. 9  | Shoes:Radii | Purse Target 

I'v never been a fan of Daylights Savings time. It always feels like once i get comfortable and in a great routine, the time has to change. Now i'm all messed up and have to come up with a new routine to fix my time confusion. I guess a post on that will be coming up soon.
Other than this Spring Forward time confusion, i am really happy that spring is coming. This past week i was kind of freaking out because of how hot it was getting. Where i live, if it gets way to hot right now, we know to expect an even hotter summer/fall and i cant with that. But lucky enough it rained on and off the past two days.

When it comes to my outfit, i have been really into blouses. I don't know where this new style for me has came from but i have managed to collect quite a few of them and i'm not mad. It has made getting ready way easier and i always look put together. The only time i could look a little to put together is at the park but i guess i'm that person now (LOL).

PS: I love this purse but i have had it for a while now and i feel like i need a new one. Do you have any suggestions?

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