Super Tuesday Ready

Button Down Top: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Levis | Boots: Walmart | Earrings: BEBE | Lipstick: Revlon "coral berry"

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and as you can read by the title i am Super Tuesday ready. I don't talk about politics on FashionShyChild because i don't feel like its the place for that topic but i will say that i am a registered voter, i prefer voting by mail and my ballet is already in the box as your read this. So, that being said i am Super Tuesday ready! I am a big advocate on people registering to vote though, specifically the younger generation. Don't think your vote doesn't count because everyone's vote does and to see a deference you have to at least try an vote for that change.
On to the outfit...
When i was wearing this outfit i didn't realize how much of the pieces was from Old Navy. I only noticed as of right now setting down writing this and going to look where all the tags where from. I'm not going to lie, it got to the point that i was like, "if these jeans are from Old Navy i don't know what ima do". I guess that goes to show that i really don't plan out an outfit i really just get dressed and if i feel like taking pictures that's what i will do. 
But white jeans is VERY rare for me to wear and now with a busy toddler i don't know what i was thinking. They are very comfortable and really nice quality. Lets be honest there Levis and i wouldn't expect anything less than the best. Plus Size Tip: If your looking for jeans to last long that are not on the expensive side Levis jeans are the way to go. Especially if your thighs rub together like mine.
The white top you all have see before because i wore it in this post.
The Revlon lipstick and i have had a hate/love relationship. A couple of years ago it just didn't look good on me ( i was a little bit lighter in skin tone) and now it just works and i love it.

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