Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Daily Defense Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Deep Conditioner

Hey, fellow shy children.

So, I have noticed that Dollar Tree Beauty Test is one of your favorite things to read on FashionShyChild. Am I right? (if I'm not we will figure all that out later) Well, I have brought it back! That being said you should expect some more post testing out beauty products I find at Dollar Tree. It can be a hit or miss depending on what's available.

Anyways, during this trip, I was actually looking for something to help with keeping moisture in my hair. My hair has been so dry lately and its really to the point that I don't know what to do. It has also been very hot where I live and that completely isn't helping with anything. I was kinda skeptical I'm not going to lie. Mainly because I have used products from this brand before and the outcome wasn't spectacular or at this point not even basic. If you want you can read that post HERE.

So let's get into the product and its review...

The product we will be going over and discussing is Daily Defense Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Deep Conditioner. It stats that its a 3-minute treatment with coconut oil & vitamin e, that has frizz defense, sulfate-free and cruelty-free. I'm cool with all of that and those are some of the things I look for when choosing a product for my hair. What I wasn't cool with is the amount of product when opening the lid. It looked like some product was missing but it could just be the jar is too big for the 5ft oz they give you. Speaking of the 5fl oz, it's not a lot of product, to begin with especially if your a heavy-handed product user like myself or you wash your hair multiple times a week. For myself, I wash my hair once a week on a normal but since it has been more in the summer sweating weather I bumped it up to two times a week. That being said if I wash my hair once a week and use this product once a week I can get a good 6 weeks from the jar or 8 at the most. For a product that cost me $1USD, that really isn't bad!
The first thing I do in the shower is wash my hair. That way I can keep the conditioner part in longer since it is going to be in my hair when I'm washing my body and doing anything else I need to do. This deep conditioner smells so good oh my! It's basically a sweet coconut addicting scent. I'm obsessed (i need a candle that smells like this or a body spray) When its time to wash it out it changed the whole texted of my hair. It made it more soft and easy to manage.

I guess you can say I love this product and I will be looking for it again the next time I go to Dollar Tree. It's so worth it! But I'm trying to think, it really reminds me of Garnier Fructis hair mask. I have used their masked before and really liked it. I know for sure their color vibrance one is great.

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