Life Goes On

With everything going on in the world right now these are a lot of unclear emotions, feelings, and plain out confusion. My thoughts and feelings have been everywhere, I really feel like it's "Me Against The World". There have been so many "Changes" in my life in a short amount of time, that are affecting me emotionally/mentally. During the summer of last year, my grandmother became sick and then later pasted in December. I don't think my family or myself have really processed the whole thing. It's more of a "life Goes On" type of thing to hide the hurt and emotion. Or we are just playing back what she told us to do since we were kids.

Now we have a whole world pandemic, that I know I'm going to need therapy for after... "f*** The World"! Only the "Lord Knows". Every day I have "Temptations" to leave the house and Instagram and store ads ain't helping this trapped situation. We all know its "Check Out Time". I want "know more pain", "Holler If Ya' Hear Me"! 

Some of you have been wondering what I have been doing. Well, I have been enjoying this "California Love" hot weather, natural hair, listening to music, trying not to go crazy with my thoughts while "Tradin' War Stories". I mean if you've been sleeping all day or being a couch potato ( i wish that was me)... "I Aint Mad At Cha" 

Just remember you gotta "Keep Ya Head Up"

photos by Eric

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