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Working out during this time has been a bit of a struggle for me. I go from being super motivated to work out, eat healthily, and losing this weight to putting myself down and feeling like a complete failure when the scale doesn't show much of an improvement. I know this time isn't the right time to be super hard on myself, but if I don't I know things can get out of control really fast.

I have taken the time to pull out the workout clothes I do have, download my favorite healthy apps, and made sure I have a great cardio workout channel bookmarked.

So my mornings look something like this:
(this is highly simplified, a full day in my life post will b up soon)

1. Wakeup use the bathroom and weight myself (i only weigh myself on Monday mornings)
2. Add the weight to the Happy Scale app
 3. Put on workout wear
4. Turn on my computer and play a Popsugar Fitness video (my favorite is this one)
5. Get/drink some water
6. Make a Protein shake (I'm finishing up the FitMiss Delight in chocolate. looking for a new one so let me know what one you like)
7. Put Nuri in her stroller and take a walk

I hope this gave you a nice breakdown of what I do. Taking the walk is never a problem. So if I don't get the hard cardio in, I did get some type of exercise with the walk.

When it comes to my diet I'm all over the place. I have been looking into Keto and I'm very interested in trying it (even though I am not a huge meat eater). I do use the Lose It app to track my food and record my weight. I completely love that app.

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