Hogwarts Express Here I Come

I can't believe it's the 20th of October already! I know everyone that you see has probably mentioned how this year is flying by so fast, but it really is. In the midst of everyone talking about the Election and Voting, I myself have been on a Harry Potter binge. Don't get me wrong I am a registered voter and have already voted. But since that is done for now I want to hope on Hogwarts Express and just try to enjoy this holiday we have coming. Do you know what you going to be for Halloween and is Halloween still happening where you live?

When it comes to my outfit everything is basically from Target. This year we have discovered that there is a closer Target to where we live and we actually prefer it better. The only things that are not from Target are the boots (they are from Walmart) and the glasses are prescription from Firmoo and I did a blog post on them.

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