The Child

Shirt: Target | Bottoms: Target | Shoes: Nike | Jacket: Vintage (my dads)

Happy 2021! 

I can't believe it's a New Year again. But it's a great time to have a fresh positive start. Iv learned a lot in 2020  and I will be sharing more information/details with you in a later post. That being said this is my first post back from my long disappearance. I still feel bad for being gone but I feel like my energy is better now. 

When it comes to my outfit, my style is still the same Urban City Kid. I have been obsessed with two things though. One being this vintage jacket that used to be my dad's back in the day. It's so comfortable and the quality is amazing. The other being The Mandalorian, Grogu (aka The Child) in particular. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a child. I remember one Christmas I asked my mom for this R2-D2 cassette player. It was absolutely amazing!  But yeah, I'm an OG fan. 

So My question for you is, "What have you been obsessed with lately?"

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