Quarantine Weight Gain: My Story

I have always struggled with my weight and I have talked about it a lot on FashionShyChild. During this past year now, I have noticed a big difference in my weight and not in a great way. I know a lot of you all can relate that this pandemic and quarantine has opened your eyes to a lot of things. Don't get me wrong, some things have been great and a good wake-up call and learning experiences. But I know focusing on the positives for just my mental health has let me forget about eating right and getting the exercise I need.

Let's just start from the begging of the pandemic and quartine.

During the beginning everything was okay and it didn't affect me like it did a lot of people since I stay home anyways with my daughter. We did have some changes like going to the park and the library throughout the week (I do walk to these locations and the Library is already 40 min walk away). So that stopped and just left us with walking sometimes around our neighborhood.

Another big change has to do with medication. This particular medication is birth control. I don't talk about sexual health on here and maybe that's something that should change, let me know. But I'm very open and birth control can have a lot of changes, that can affect a lot of different things. Before the pandemic, I was on the shot and also known as Depo. This form of birth control has been a big part of my life and a big part of my weight gain and hardship with the effect it has on my body. But I did get off of it during the beginning of quarantine because I didn't want to have to go to the doctor's office just to get a shot. So now I'm on the pill to make a long story short. Like I said if you want to know more, I can film a video or do a whole blog post on the topic.

Everything didn't hit me till the end of November when I had a doctor's appt. I try hard not to think about the scale before the appt because we all know it's coming. I can remember stepping on that scale and seeing the number and in my head being in disbelief and about to cry. I could not believe I gained 30lbs. But I'm also very happy I have an amazing OBGYN who noticed my weight chart go up and was very nice about understanding what happened and how I can go about fixing this with exercise and good eating habits. Sometimes you just need that understanding person who can relate to you and even share their struggles and what worked to help you out.

So now you might be wondering, "what's the plan to fix this?" I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to a happy-weight place. My main thing now is just applying it. I do want to try some diets out and see how those work for me. The main diet I want to try out is Keto. I have been seeing it around a lot and know carbs are a huge problem I have (the OBGYN also suggested cutting carbs and calories in our long talk). Have you tried keto? I already intermittent fast and I do that naturally. I will be using the Lose It! app to track my meals and my planner to track my weight, water, and steps. I just want this to work, so I can feel comfortable in my body again. 

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