Hello! I'm Cortney Patterson, kid at heart and blogger behind Fashion Shy Child.

A bit shy and child like I'm the person you would love to be around. I would say my style express my personality. But for you who want to put a label to it, I'm very Urban-City-Kid. (LOL)


Fashion Shy Child is a plus size fashion blog with beauty and more. I share basically everything I enjoy in life with you! Therefor you will find outfit post, product reviews, tutorials and advise.

FashionShyChild in a nutshell - Showing girls and boys its okay to be yourself and love every moment of it. We are all kids at heart! <3

Want to know more? Here is 5 facts about me:
  1. Hello Kitty is an obsession of mine
  2. My faces is very expressive
  3. I went to college for Fashion Design... then dropped out!
  4. I LOVE Potatoes
  5. I am very shy! But once i get to know you that will change